EDMONTON, AB – The family of Jordan Anderson would like to thank everyone for the support and out pouring of kind words during this time of anguish. You are helping us get through the tremendous pain we feel in our hearts. Somehow we will endure as Jordan would have wished. Thank you to the Canadian Armed Forces for their support to our family during this difficult time

Jordan James Anderson was born in Frobisher Bay, Northwest Territories (now Iqaluit, Nunavut) on 21 July 1981, the first son of four to James and Sheila Anderson. He moved with his family to Pelly Bay, Northwest Territories (now Kugaaruk, Nunavut) in 1982 and then to Saskatoon in 1984 while his father was on education leave to pursue a master’s degree. Next stop was Tuktoyaktuk where he entered school, learned to drive a skidoo and cross-country ski. In 1987 he re-located to Inuvik, N.W.T where he spent most of the rest of his youth. He participated in various activates there from scouting to karate to cross-country skiing. He had some of his best teachers at Sir Alexander Mackenzie School, some of whom will contact us and have done so offering their support and prayers, for which we are truly grateful. His time in Inuvik was broken by one 12-month period in which Jordan moved with his family to the Republic of China (Taiwan). This event was to influence him down the road, taking Mandarin classes while enrolled at the University of Regina. Jordan also attended Athol Murray College of Notre Dame in Wilcox, SK, where he loved to play football and rugby. He was known as a team player, one that was willing to make sacrifices for the team-a trait that he exhibited as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Jordan was a serious, well-spoken (and sometimes opinionated) man. He had so much history of his own and knowledge to share…which of course won’t happen now. His grandma used to tell him that he was a wealth of useless information which he gained through his passion for reading, current events and military history. He was only weeks away from the end of his tour of duty, his 26th birthday and his second wedding anniversary to the love of his life, Amanda. Especially disappointing will be his inability to complete his studies, being only one course shy of his Bachelor of Political Science/History degree, through the Canadian Forces Program, from the University of Manitoba. He was looking forward to returning to his studies to earn a masters degree in Strategic Studies and becoming an intelligence officer.

This was Jordan’s second deployment in Afghanistan. He would want it said that he loved his life in the military. He loved the camaraderie and the action, and he was well-trained and well equipped. Jordan made sure we all were aware of the dangers of his career in the Canadian Armed Forces and we supported him in his mission in life.

Jordan would often speak of the differences the Canadian soldiers were making in Afghanistan. He spoke to us about the oppression of the women and children and of the abuse he witnessed on his first mission. On his second mission he saw the changes to these people’s lives and he knew that by protecting and building security for the local people they would have a chance at a better life. Jordan saw these changes occurring and often said, “We take freedoms too much for granted” (In Canada). He knew he was making a difference in helping the people of Afghanistan and knew the ultimate sacrifice that he may need to make.

Unfortunately on July 4th, Jordan left us suddenly with full hearts and eyes that are overflowing. We now say goodbye to a dedicated Canadian soldier, husband, son, brother and friend to all who knew him. He will be truly missed and his memory will be with us forever.

Thank you to the Canadian media for the kind words they have shown towards Jordan and the other soldiers. You have respected our privacy during this time of grieving and this has been appreciated.-30-

NOTE TO EDITORS: The family of Cpl. Anderson wishes that the media continue to respect their privacy and is not granting any interviews. Capt. L.B. Angell, Public Affairs Officer, Land Force Western Area, Edmonton, AB. (780) 973-1943 or cell (780) 719-8721.