September 20, 2006

Keating's mother, Judith Budd, also issued a statement on Tuesday afternoon: "We love Shane very much and we are proud of all that he has accomplished," the statement read.

"Most of us will come home," Keating told his mother.

"The ones who don't made a difference.

And it's worth it." As Budd grieves the death of her son -- he and three other soldiers were killed on Monday in Afghanistan by a suicide bomber -- she remembers that talk and takes solace knowing Keating gave his life for something he thought was right.

"Shane was very proud of the service and believed in what he was doing." "He understood and he believed in what he was there for, strongly," said Budd.

"He was going for a purpose. I believed in his purpose as well."

"Our private grief is immense, you can imagine," Budd said, again struggling to gain her breath or contain her emotions.

"I mean, we miss him forever." - - - Keating's fellow soldiers, those who trained and travelled with him, have shed tears.