OTTAWA Master Corporal Colin Bason, a reservist from The Royal Westminster Regiment was killed on 4 July, 2007 along with 5 other CF members and one Afghan interpreter, when the vehicle they were traveling in struck an improvised explosive device, approximately 20km south-west of Kandahar City. RWMR is based out of New West Minster, B.C.

The partner of a B.C. soldier who died in a roadside bomb blast in Afghanistan on Wednesday is not only grappling with his death, but with the mission itself. Master Corporal Colin Bason, 28, was a reservist from the Royal Westminster Regiment who grew up in Abbotsford, B.C., died when the armoured vehicle he was in ran over a roadside bomb outside Kandahar City. Five other Canadian soldiers and an Afghan interpreter also died in the blast. His partner, Katrina Blain, gave birth to their daughter four days before he left for Afghanistan. "We hear a lot about the tragedy and not a lot about any progress. I know that they feel there, we're getting somewhere. But as far as we know, they're still in the middle of a war and that's where it stands," Katrina Blain said.