KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - The Afghanistan conflict has claimed another Canadian life - this time an Edmonton-based soldier who died Monday, during a brief attack by insurgents against a Canadian combat outpost in the middle of Taliban territory.

The soldier was identified as Master Cpl. Erin Doyle, who served with the 3rd Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. His age was not released but his hometown was identified as Kamloops, a city in the B.C. Interior.

A second, unidentified, soldier was wounded during the attack and was reported to be in good condition.

Doyle becomes the 90th Canadian soldier to die in the Afghanistan conflict and the second to be killed within a 48 hour period. Master Cpl. Josh Roberts of Shilo, Man., was killed in a firefight on Saturday that is under investigation by military officials.

Doyle, who leaves behind a wife, Nicole, and daughter, Zarine, was on his third combat tour of Afghanistan and was remembered by his grieving comrades as physically imposing but gentle in nature, earning him the nickname the "Friendly Giant."

"Erin was a big tough mountain-of-a-man who enjoyed the outdoors," said Brig.-Gen. Denis Thompson, commander of Task Force Afghanistan. "He was a true warrior and just the person you would want beside you in a firefight."

Doyle was killed when half a dozen Taliban fighters fired a few shots at the outpost as they do on an almost daily basis before retreating. "What they tend to do is fire a few harassing rounds and then they'll disappear into the woodwork," said Brig.-Gen. Denis Thompson, commander of Task Force Afghanistan. "The combat outpost was engaged in a classic shoot and scoot fashion and unfortunately Master Cpl. Doyle was killed by a direct hit on the outpost."

"Master Corporal Doyle was part of a noble mission that is helping create the conditions needed for security, development and the rule of law to take root in Afghanistan," Prime Minister Stephen Harper said in a statement.

"This is a challenging mission, but we stand proudly in support of our brave men and women in uniform who, with our allies, are working to bring stability to a war torn country. He was an exceptional Canadian and courageous soldier who died while bravely serving his country. He will be remembered with the utmost gratitude and respect of this nation."