"Hi, my name is Bill, and I'm here to help you."

That was Lt. Bill Turner's favourite way of introducing himself to the dozens of ordinary people he met during his difficult and dangerous three months as a Civilian-Military Co-operation officer in Afghanistan. It was Turner's job to accompany combat officers into a village or a district, and sit down with local elders, sometimes over tea and figure out what the village needed. Sometimes the request he heard came from children. “One of the most popular things we get asked for is kites", Turner said in an interview.

The fact that a man who tried to bring clean water to dispossessed villagers and find kites for their children speaks volumes about Bill." Over here, if I can make a small difference in one person's life -- in a child's life especially -- my time in Afghanistan will have been worth it,” he said.

Turner stated in an interview, "The Taliban banned kites. But the kids here just love them”. Therefore, Turner decided to put in an order from home---kites and soccer balls for kids. However, on April 22, he and three other Canadian soldiers were killed by a roadside bomb.