Wearing RED on FRIDAYS symbolically shows the colour of the blood shed for our freedom. This memorial site is dedicated to all those that have shed their blood for our freedom. The mission is to show every Friday a sea of RED walking amongst us demonstrating that we care for those we have lost, we care for those who have been hurt, for those in harms way to protect our way of life.

It is a simple gesture to wear something RED on Fridays but we can assure the impact to yourself is very profound. You begin to think of the people that have paid the price for your freedom, you realize that you have been taking for granted our peaceful nation. The most amazing part of this action is that it is impartial to ethnic or racial background. Freedom is colourless; it is not based on your education, religion, age or sexuality. We are truly a free country and we have so much to be thankful for to those who have fought or currently fighting to maintain our freedom.

If you feel these soldiers who dies for our Country and our mission of peace is important to yourself, wear RED on Fridays.  Take that little step to show you do care and are appreciative of our Nations' resolve. Our dreams can be yours too; the sight of RED on Fridays symbolizing our faith and thankfulness to our troops and citizens that fight for our freedom.

You do not have to purchase a product from us to show support to our cause. We only offer the products in helping you show your support for our troops. If you want to become more involved with the Red Fridays' mission, please return to the home page and click on how to help.

Proceeds from our sales and donations are used to continue the education this site provides, the costs of operations and assistance to other groups organizing a RED Friday events. Some of the proceeds are donated to the variety of programs or funds that have been established by the Canadian Forces such as the Canadian Forces Personnel Assistance Fund. There programs include help to the soldiers and their families in their time of needs. For more information on these trust funds, please visit the Canadian Armed Forces website at http://www.forces.gc.ca/ and look at the CFPAF program.

Thank you for visiting this memorial and your support.