Statement from the family of Pte. Braun Scott Woodfield

"Braun did help people."

A tearful Beverley Woodfield, Braun's mother, said her son entered this world just as he left it: "Far too early." Born prematurely and weighing barely over two pounds, Braun was "sick a lot growing up. I worried about that boy all his life," she said.

"But from the moment he was born, he was a fighter. He never gave up," she said.

"My Braunie, my dude, my bud, my Braun, you are my boy forever in my mind's eye and in my heart."

Later, Beverley Woodfield wiped tears from her eyes as the Last Post played. She stood alongside Lyndi Woodfield, Braun's sister, and Daniel Woodfield, Braun's father and a former lieutenant-commander in the Canadian navy.

All three wept as a parade of bagpipers played Amazing Grace as mourners bowed their heads in respect to Woodfield. A Canadian flag was presented to his mother. Three medals the private received during his military service were presented to his father.

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