OTTAWA One Canadian soldier was killed today at approximately 9:30 a.m., Kandahar time. The Canadian soldier was killed by direct fire when a joint Afghan-Canadian dismounted security patrol came under small arms fire from insurgents in the Panjwayi District. The fallen soldier is Captain Richard (Steve) Leary of the 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry, from Shilo, Manitoba.

During their patrol, the soldiers encountered insurgents who attacked with small arms fire. Capt Leary was struck while the soldiers were returning fire and repositioning. Close air support was called in and the enemy was defeated.

Military crews immediately evacuated him to hospital by air but doctors couldn't save him and he died of his wounds soon after. The troops called in air patrols and drove off the insurgents, but it was too late for Leary, who was already mortally wounded. There's no indication yet what his hometown was, but the release of his identity means that family members have already been informed.

He will be the latest Canadian mourned on the Highway of Heroes, after he lost his life in the war torn nation on Tuesday.