October 30, 2008. The sales notice on their website has been removed. We are grateful to their prompt action.



The Brick's "Operation Red Friday" event response by the Red Fridays Foundation of Canada

October 28, 2008

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The Brick, a Canadian Retail - house hold goods retail chain, has began promoting a sale event called Operational Red Friday.  Here is a quote from their site.
"Edmonton, September 18, 2008 – The Brick is urging all Canadian retailers to come together and offer Canadian shoppers an extravaganza that makes shopping at home for the holidays an experience worth waiting for! The Brick President and CEO, Kim Yost, has declared Friday, November 28, 2008 the official launch date for ‘Operation Red Friday’ – Canada’s answer to the United State’s Black Friday. Read more details... is a link to their press release.

We have had many emails and calls regarding this event stating the disrespect to the renowned Red Fridays activity giving marquee for Canadians to wear red on Fridays demonstrating their support for the Canadian Forces Troops serving our country.  Complaints included US influences on Canadian Marketing and not showing respect to Canadians wearing red on Fridays or the phrase "Red Friday" in Canada is used to show support for our troops. 

As a result we have made formal contact with the Brick and more particularly with the CEO; Kim Yost.  We have received a reply and the Brick in a phone conversation and the Brick has apologized and went further to state they had not researched the event name before publishing it.  The Brick went on to say they are renaming the sales event to "Red Day" and will notify all stores and marketing departments to rename this sales event. The CEO stated that he is a supporter of our troops and will print a formal apology and will place support our troops notices on their stores asking patrons to wear red on Fridays. 

As of October 29 2008 at 11:30 PM, the sales notice is still on their website and no press releases has been made changing this event. We are hopeful this will take place shortly. 

The contact information for the Brick is:
Bridgette Dunphy ~ Office of Kim Yost, President & CEO, The Brick Group
Tel: (780) 930-6047 or visit our website ~ www.thebrick.com

Thank you for your emails of support and the continued demonstration how important "Red Fridays" are to Canadians. Keep up the great work. 

We also like to thank the Brick for showing support to the Red Fridays cause and recognition of this unique Canadian phenomenon. We are looking forward to the change of the sale name and to include "Support out Troops" in your marketing campaign.

Please revisit our site for any further details and updates regarding this press release.


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