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Public Service Announcement

July 28, 2008

“Red Shirt Rally” part of Public Statement of Support

 WINNIPEG, Man. – Close to 1,000 Manitobans, our bravest of our best, are overseas serving Canada by providing the basics of life to the poorest of the poor by giving them realistic hope and security, thus also protecting us. Most have been away from their families since January in the most deplorable conditions. Soon enough most will be coming home this early fall. 

On Friday, the 15th August, at noon, the public are invited to the Manitoba Legislature as our last opportunity to cheer on the work being done by our serving Manitoba soldiers. A rally is planned on the front steps of the Manitoba Legislature just behind the “Yellow Ribbon” garden, planted by our province as a token of Manitoba’s appreciation. As the flowers have bloomed, so will the outpouring of messages to our soldiers from friends and family as the intent is to cheer them on with a video of the rally. Thanks to the internet, it will be sent into Afghanistan so that our troops know we are 100% behind them! 

The rally will feature local MLA, Bonnie Korzeniowski, Special Envoy for Military Affairs and Steven Fletcher, Member of Parliament for Charleswood–St. James–Assiniboia and Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Colonel Robert Poirier, Commander of 38 Canadian Brigade Group,  as well as your everyday Manitoban who just wants to say thanks!  

When: Friday, August 15th at noon

Where: Manitoba Legislative Building – North grounds- behind Yellow Ribbon Garden (near Broadway)



Note to editors: For further information or to set up interviews with the organizers, please contact:
Mike Lagace (a proud father of a serving soldier!) 204-471-5222 or email:
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