National Red Fridays Memorial Day May 31st 2008

What is the sound of a repatriation?

Is it the sound of the chatter on TV announcing the name of the fallen serving our country? Perhaps the sound from the roar of the large military jet landing in Trenton? Is it the sound of the doors opening on the air craft or the sound of the boots of the soldiers carrying the coffin? Is it the sound of the pipers playing a song of sorrow, or the sound of the commanding officer calling his orders. Was it the sound of the Hearse doors opening or the sound of the people and family near by. Repatriation may be the sound of the cars moving to the Highway of Heroes but then again it may be the sound of the people standing on the bridges. Is it the sound of the traffic going by in anticipation of the procession or the sound of the occasional horn honking as drivers see you on the bridge. Maybe it's the sound of the flags flapping in the wind that people are holding. Then in the distance the procession is in sight and the people on the bridge are mumbling "here it comes". Is the sound of repatriation the police sirens that fills the air as the procession reaches your bridge? The sound of sirens vibrate in your chest then in a beat of your heart you finally hear the sound of a repatriation. It is the sound of a silent "Thank You" from you and all the people around you to the soldier that gave his life for his country; your country. This is the sound of a repatriation; our freedom.

Many supporters have written to us saying how they would love to come to the Repatriation Memorial Drive and Rally event this May in Trenton and Toronto but can not attend because they are faraway. We have received letters from coast to coast.

One of our supporters suggested to ask everyone to have their own Red Fridays Celebration on the same day across the nation. We agree this is a great idea. No matter how small or how big, have a Red Fridays celebration and memorial day on May 31 2008.

It may be a few friends at your home, your local sports group at a game, the local Legion or a community event. Lets us know by using the contact form above and register your event with Red Fridays website. We will announce your event and all its particulars on our site.

Help us unite Canada in celebration of the military family and the Canadian Forces members. Share with Canada the gratitude we all share for those who have lost their lives in protecting our sovereignty and fighting for the freedom we all hold so dear.

Ask your local politicians to get involved, ask your local businesses to help make your event a success. Invite your community or your friends and family to gather, wear something red and unite in one common cause... Supporting our Troops!

Come Canada, lets make this special day on May 31 a day to remember for all Canadians. Lets set a record of the largest united celebration in demonstrating our support for our troops.




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