Tuesday October 17, 2006
RED FRIDAYS - May, 2007
[Sudbury ON]

Quote from Tammy. " I work with a very special staff who help me support Red Fridays every week. We include reminders on our monthly school calendar of events to wear red on Friday and with our ongoing tribute to the fallen Canadians. I always lament at adding another picture to our memorials but it's the least we can do. Many Visitors to our school take the time to look at it as it is posted outside my classroom door, right across from our main office. Here is the picture of our very special staff and students of Gatchell Public School in Sudbury.

Tammy K.


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RED FRIDAYS - November 7, 2006
[Sudbury ON]

Here is a supporter of Red Fridays in Sudbury Ontario. She also has her students participating in the wear RED FRIDAY support the Canadian Troops campaign. Tammy Kuhn writes, "I just want to show support for our Canadian Troops regardless of my opinion of whether we should or should not be in Afghanistan and the definition of our role. I sign my personal e-mails with  I wear red on Fridays", www.redfridays.ca"

Tammy further added in her email to RedFridays.ca "Also, I promote wearing red on Fridays and the website on a sign on the front lawn of my private residence, in Warren, Ontario."

Tammy is an educational assistant at the Rainbow District School board. By our invitation, Tammy has sent us some pictures of the activities she has described. Here are the photos.

Red Fridays Canada thanks Tammy Kuhn for her letter and support. I hope this sets an example for other school teachers to get involved. Competing with her front lawn sign might be a bit tough <grins> but the support is fantastic, especially at the school. Keep up the great work Tammy!

-Red Fridays Canada

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